Monday, June 30, 2008

No sleep

So this week Zach had Youth Conference from Thursday to Saturday. They were doing a river raft trip in Moab down the Colorado River. On Wednesday we went to Wal-Mart to get a few things still needed for the trip. Got Zach set, made dinner then my friend Shelley calls me and wants to know what I'm doing later. Which means she's up to no good. She picks me up at 9pm for our nocturnal clandestine activities. (In case I hadn't told you before, I'm part of a threesome that likes to play pranks on people for their birthday). I get home after midnight. Zach is still up playing Xbox Live. I remind him that he is supposed to be at the church at 5am for the drive down to Moab. "Oh, yeah, I forgot," he says. So I get him off to bed.

Now I am wired from my prank and the Vanilla Coke Zero I drank to keep me up for the prank. So I decide to read. Now I should have read my American Heritage book for my Independent Study class. I always get drowsy reading that book. But no, I read Invasive Procedures by Orson Scott Card. I had been reading it that week and of course now it comes to all the action. All the storylines come together. This is the big climax. Kyle gets home from work at about 1:45am, sees that I'm still up. Then he comes to bed at about 3:30 and I'm still reading. I've decided by now that it is probably easier just to stay up, than try to get 2 hours of sleep before I have to get Zach up for Youth Conference.

My alarm had been set for 4:30am, I finish reading at 4:27am Thursday morning. I shut off my lamp and the alarm. Kyle asks if I'm going to sleep now, I said "nope, I'm getting up." I got Zach to the church, then I went and worked out at Curves. Then I got ready for work. I walk 6 blocks to the bus stop. I am working summer school Tues-Thurs, 8:15-11:45am. Then take bus home, eat lunch. My visiting teachers come over. Then its back to the bus to go to BYU. I'm tired throughout the day. I've had numerous Diet Cokes. My eyes are bloodshot so I've used Visine throughout the day. I'm walking home from the bus stop. I'm tired. I have a blister on my foot from all the walking. It is 90+ degrees outside. I get home just after 6:30pm. I call Kyle to see if he could just pick up something for dinner because I can't cope with it right now.

The sleep deprivation didn't make me grumpy. But for some reason made my emotions close to the surface. So while I'm talking to Kyle I feel like I want to cry. Then I go sit on the couch to watch tv. and wait for dinner. I lay down because I'm pooped. I fall asleep. I never hear Kyle come home with dinner. I never hear the kids playing (and Kyle says they weren't quiet by any means). I wake up at 3am because the couch isn't comfortable and brush my teeth and go to bed. I tell you I'm not staying up all night and day any time soon.