Monday, May 2, 2011

I Got a New Job!

Last week I interviewed at a middle school in the Jordan School District where I currently work.  I also had an interview at a charter school the following week.  I felt like I didn't do my best at the middle school interview.  I felt like I have interviewed better at other places.  I thought that I stumbled to answer a few questions, that I wasn't saying the right things because the principal rephrased at least two questions before I used the key words she was looking for.  I also felt like I said 'um' a lot.  Well, today I got a call from the principal offering me the job.  I asked how soon she needed my reply because I had an interview at another school tomorrow.  We discussed charter schools and she gave me her opinion.  She conceded to wait until the day after my interview and for me to call her that morning.  She also recommended that I talk with a few people.

So, I did.  I talked with my special ed. administrator.  She echoed many of the opinions of the principal. During our discussion, she happened to get a phone call from a district person, after they discussed their business she asked them a few questions about charter schools and relayed that info to me.  I also did a little research online and said a short prayer.  I kept thinking about all of the comments and I kept thinking of the middle school.  I decided that I would cancel my interview for the next day and call back the middle school.

That is exactly what I did.  I called the charter school and left a voice mail and also sent an email stating that I am canceling my interview for the next day because I have been offered a position elsewhere.  Then I called the principal (I got her voicemail), and told her that after considering her words, my supervisor's words and my internet search I've decided to accept her offer.  She called back saying that she was excited that I accepted her offer and she will contact the district office saying the position is filled.

So, next year I will be working in an ID cluster unit at a middle school, grades 7, 8, & 9.