Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So my mother posted about time.  I feel like I do not have enough time.  I feel like I am sacrificing time.  Too much time is taken away from my family.  It is my own fault that I am away from my children so much lately.  I have 14 credit hours this semester, and they are evening classes.  I say goodbye to my children as they go to school in the morning (they are gone by 8am) and then I don't see them until after my classes, so not until 7 or 7:30 at night.  My daughter is in Kindergarten so I usually get to see her for lunch.  But lately I have had to do some observations for my research assistant job, and I have to go to secondary schools to do a practicum for a class.

One day was especially hard this month, it was last week Tuesday.  I was running late for everything.  I had to go to the high school, then the scout office, then a training, then two classes, then Pack Night of which I am (was) the Cubmaster.  I had planned to skip my second class and had already talked with my instructor the week previous.  I ended up skipping both of my classes just so I could get all the awards ready for Pack Night.  I was certainly glad when the night was over.

Sunday, I was released from being the Cubmaster.  It is bittersweet.  I like the job.  But I feel that lately I haven't been giving it my all, just coasting because I do not have enough time.  Everytime I go to the scout office I usually forget something or will get a wrong thing because I rush since I am pressed for time.  For my Spring semester classes I have a class scheduled that will conflict with Pack Night.  So I pretty much asked to be released.  This is the only time this class is offered and I have to take it when it is offered for my degree program.

If you need to get a hold of me, I usually have my cell on me.  I may not be able to answer at the moment but I will get back to you.  I am rarely home, and if you were to leave a message there I may not get it anyway.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cooper's Birthday Party

Cooper's birthday is on Valentine's Day, which happens to be on a Sunday this year, so we had his party on Saturday.  It was Lego themed.  We had plates, cups and napkins that had some Legoville pictures on it.

Then, I made a cake to look like Legos stacked up.  It was my first time using fondant and I think it turned out OK.  Oh, and I used trick candles on it.  He had to keep blowing and blowing.  Finally we took them out and put them in some water.

He had lots of friends over.  He got cash, candy, a paintball gun, Lego crab and a cool Lego firetruck.

A good time was had by all.  The puppies had lots of attention too.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Meet my babies

My babies are about 7 weeks old.  They are both girls.

Meet Pepper.
Pepper is gray with big black spots over her eyes and ears.  She has a little black spot on her tail.  She also has dark shading on the backs of her front legs between the elbows and wrists.  It looks like she is wearing armbands or legwarmers.  She is the quieter of the two.  She is more calm and docile, but she will join in the fun and play.  She will not walk on the leash.  She just stands there.  

Meet Speck.
Speck is white with big black spots over her eyes and ears.  She too has a black spot on her tail.  She has lots of little black dots and specks.  I especially like the ones around her nose.  She is more active and vocal.  She will walk on a leash and does a pretty good job keeping up with me.

Since they are babies, they go potty all.the.time.  You will have just brought them in from going potty outside, and yet one or both will sniff around and start to pee.  We've gone through a lot of paper towels and carpet cleaner.  We just need to be vigilant and they will soon learn that the house is not a potty.

I have to take their photo while they are sleeping because they won't pose for me.  They have too much energy.  They each have a rope to chew on and play with.  I love when you play tug-of-war with them and they growl, shake their head, and bark.  Last night they each had an end of the same rope.  It was fun watching them play together.  Speck won the tugging contest.
I worry about them like they are my babies.  I have a dog carrier crate that they sleep in at night, and I put them in there while I am gone at class or visiting a practicum site.  I wonder if they are barking or whining,  are they playing nicely, have they made a mess of their carrier, etc.

They are just so cute and fun.  I almost can't wait until they are bigger and walk well on the leash.  I am looking forward to the exercise.  But I will enjoy these puppy days because they don't stay this way for long.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


I got two new puppies. They were free!  Kyle said I could have one, but I was able to talk him into two.  They are both girls.  Their mother is an English Pointer.  The owners weren't sure what the dad is.  They think he is an australian shepherd (some dog that belongs to the neighbors).

We are trying to pick names.  We can't agree, so I thought I would post their pictures and get your suggestions.

One is white with black dots and spots.

One is gray with black dots and spots.

 Ain't they sweet?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Baby Names

I was reading my sister's blog and she was talking about baby names.  So of course I had to copy her idea and post names of my own.

I can remember making lists of names for my future children.  I thought that I would have 8 children.  So of course I had to have 8 girls names and 8 boy names on the off chance I would have 8 of one gender.  When I was pregnant with my first child, I still had that list and just handed it to my husband and told him to pick what name he likes from that list.

I don't think I still have that list, but I do have a baby name book that I  made notes in.  Here are the names that I like/liked or have considered when I've been pregnant.

Girl Names
Anne or Annette
Lynne or Lynnette
Zaidee or Sadie

Boy Names
Nathan or Nathaniel

I try to figure out if I were to have twins, would I give them names that start with the same letter, or would I give them rhyming names?  Jennifer & Jonathan, Jen & Ben, Molly & Holly, Molly & Mindy, etc.  I've even considered Annemarie & Maryanne.  I told my sister once to name her daughter Mary Annette.  (she could be her little puppet).

I still make lists of names.  I guess for the children I would like to have but will never have.  Maybe I am just preparing for the day when I have grandchildren and can give suggestions.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Student Teaching or Internship

Last night we had a meeting with the Special Ed. cohorts about the pros and cons of student teaching and internships.  They also had some past students return to tell us about their experience.

Student teaching.  This is only for one semester.  You are paired up with a teacher.  You watch the teacher teach in their classroom for a few weeks.  Then you start to take over certain sections or subjects of the day with the teacher guiding you.  Then you get to a point where you are teaching all day while the teacher observes you.  Then you begin to fade out.  Your student teaching is on BYU's schedule not on the school's schedule, so you don't start until September.  This option you have lots of support with the paired teacher, you use their supplies, and you can graduate early in December.  You do not get paid with this option.

Internship.  This is for the whole school year.  You are on the school's schedule.  So you start in August, and while you graduate in April, you are still teaching until the end of May.  You are on your own, you are the teacher. You are assigned a mentor for some support.  You do get paid, it is half teacher wage plus benefits.

I am choosing the internship option. I feel that my experience in the classroom as an aide has prepared me to handle it.  Plus, I don't want someone hovering over me.  I am fairly independent.  Also, I gots to get paid.