Thursday, April 21, 2011

It happened again

So today another rainstorm was blowing into town.  Around 1pm the winds were really strong.  I could hear lots of debris blowing across the roof.  What I didn't know is that another of our trees fell over and I was hearing its branches brush across the roof.  Zane took some pictures and put them on facebook.  I'll add some here in a bit.  This tree also damaged some of our fence.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Tree is Gone

Well, I came home yesterday just as the stump of the tree was being loaded onto the bed of a truck. A guy in our neighborhood does tree removal and landscaping.  He had talked with Kyle about helping out.  He didn't give us a price, just said to pay him what we thought was fair.  Kyle had told him what the insurance company had allotted us for the tree removal.  It was way under what he would have charged, but he said that's OK, we're neighbors and ward family members.  We haven't paid him yet, but Kyle went and bought gift cards to Outback for all the workers involved.

We are also figuring out what we need to fix the roof and how much that will cost.  It will be a lot cheaper if we do the work ourselves.  So we need to do some pricing of supplies.

Monday, April 4, 2011


This weekend was General Conference.  We got 4 tickets to go to the Saturday Morning Session.  My sister Emma watched the two younger kids for us.  After our session we went to her place for lunch, visiting, and played some games.  There was one point where it got very overcast, the wind picked up and big forceful rain drops came.  The wind blew strongly from the south, then a moment later it blew strongly from the north.

Well, about 6:30 we get on the road to go home.  En route our neighbor calls to tell us that one of our trees blew over and landed on the house.  She didn't think that there was much damage, but wanted to let us know.  We got home about 7:30.  Zac and I took pictures of the tree and house while Kyle called our insurance agent.  The earliest a claims adjuster can come out is Tuesday.

Our Bishop stopped by to see how we were.  Several neighbors either called or stopped by.  The tree damaged the eave or soffit of the garage.  No branches broke through the roof or the windshield of the stepvan.  We are OK int he house.  I am hoping that we can get enough home owners insurance money to get a new roof.  Many shingles have come of in the windstorm.

Kyle wondered why that tree.  It was a fairly nice tree, a blue spruce.  It had a nice shape and wasn't half dead like 2-3 other trees we have.