Monday, May 18, 2009

Through the School Years

So, here is what I looked like growing up.

This is me in Kindergarten. What a cute little girl. I always had my hair in braids, pony tails or pigtails. My hair is naturally curly and can be unmanageable at times. Here my pigtails have a banana curl that could hold for days.

This is me in First Grade. A little more of my curl showing. I like the combo of gingham and denim with the outdoorsy background.

I'm a little more formal in this picture. Again the banana curls. I usually only wore my hair down for church and for Picture Day at school.

Now we move on to Third Grade. Those thick yarn ribbons were hip back in the 70s. Or, at least I thought so. I loved to have my hair in pigtails all brushed out bushy. I felt like I had big floppy dog- ears. I don't know why I liked it, I'm just corny I guess.

As you can see, in Fourth Grade we are all grown up and formal. Nice blouse complete with broach. Actually, I think the broach is keeping me from revealing too much for the picture.

For Fifth Grade, I liked this lavender colored dress. I also liked the small french braids that pulled the hair off of my face and were joined in the back. I remember thinking that it seemed like a princess hair-do.

Now, apparently I either liked this outfit so much I wore it for another year for Picture Day in the Sixth Grade, or I forgot to look at the previous year to see that I didn't repeat the outfit. Not only the outfit, but the hair-do too. And what's with my posture? Didn't they tell me to sit up straight?

I totally look Mennonite or some religion close to Amish in this 7th Grade photo. It seems I'm very conservative when it came to picture day.

In 8th Grade my mom cut my hair so that I would have bangs. My hair was also layered. This really let the curl show. What a head of hair! Oh, this shirt I'm wearing I got as a Christmas gift. It came with a stylish pink belt. The shirt had a shimmer to it. I usually wore it when I dressed up. (like at a dance or church or something)

Again, I didn't look at the previous year's picture to determine what to wear in the 9th grade. What I find amazing is how washed out I look. I know I was wearing make-up at the time. But I guess not enough. You'll see that I come to remedy that in the upcoming pictures. Why did I think white was a good color for pictures?

10th Grade. Gotta love the banana clip. You definitely see more curl to my hair. By now I'm wearing more make-up. My smile seems weird because I either have a retainer or my braces at this time. Look closely, you'll see that I am wearing the same necklace as in 9th grade.

I don't know what to say about this 11th Grade picture. Did I forget that it was picture day? Again, the smile is off because of the braces. You can see throughout the years that I was always a skinny child. But my Junior year of high school I was especially skinny. I had the typical and atypical teenage problems which led to my Anorexic Phase. But I bounced back.

Senior Year! I finally choose a good color to wear for pictures. I have on a good amount of make-up to not look washed out. My hair is under control. I must have discovered mousse or spray gel or something. I actually look happy in this photo.

Next, I'm off to college at BYU. I come home for the summer and get my picture taken at Olan Mills. Now I can give my boyfriend a picture of me. He thinks I look hot and has this picture on his dresser to this very day.

I return to Utah and share an apartment with roommates. We get our picture taken together and a few done individually too. What a woman I've become. Does sitting in the director chair signify that I am in charge of my life?

Well, It's been fun traveling through time to see how I've grown up. Next, I'll have to do a post about how I've grown out. Hahahaha.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I asked Chloe what I should post about, she said everything. Stories about something scary, happy, funny, and making sounds. The sounds are bunny sounds.

We should also not be mean to each other, and when they are mean, not be their friend anymore.
We should be good and be healthy. We hug each other. We shake hands.

Umm. We don't waste electricity. We garden flowers. Um, we get our cans.

So, that's just it.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary?

Friday, May 1st was Kyle's and my 16th wedding anniversary. This is what our Friday was like. I had work, Kyle sent me roses there (aw). Then I had class. Kyle left work a little early to take Cooper to his soccer game. We all met up at Carl's Jr. for dinner. Then I took all the boys to a sleepover at a friend's house for his birthday. Chloe and I spent the night grocery shopping.

Saturday, May 2nd. Spent morning cleaning house. I picked up kids from sleepover and drove to sister's house for her daughter's birthday party. Meanwhile, Kyle stayed home and worked on his car. After party, go home and finish cleaning house. Kyle's parents came over for a visit. We went out to dinner. Kyle and his mom fight over who's paying for dinner. She wins. She has cake sent over with a "Happy Anniversary".

Sunday, May 3rd, this is our 15th anniversary of being sealed in the temple. I substitute for Cooper's Primary class. Have a nice dinner at home with the family. We talk, watch some shows together.

Monday, May 4th. I take the day off of work to get some school things managed. We go out for breakfast with Kyle's folks. I stuff myself with strawberry french toast (yum). We spend a little time shopping, then relaxing at the house. See the kids when they get home from school and then Grandma & Grandpa have to take off to go back to Wyoming. I leave for class.

Now, I'm not complaining about all that we had to or got to do. We had some really nice visits with family and friends. But, Kyle and I felt (especially on Friday) that this was supposed to be our day, and we spent it doing for others. I suppose I'm being selfish, I wouldn't trade the time I spent visiting with my in-laws, or the fun my children had at their two birthday parties. And hey, I got two nice meals out of the deal. So, what better way to celebrate a weekend than spending it with family and friends.