Thursday, July 28, 2011


Well, it's official, I have graduated college and now have a Bachelor degree.  Here I am with the Dean of the McKay School of Education of Brigham Young University.

I chose to walk with my class in April even though I needed to defer my actual graduation until June because I had to finish up two general education classes on Independent Study.

I got my diploma in the mail and Kyle said, "Well, it's official.  They can't take it away from you now."

I have earned a Bachelor of Science in Special Education with a Severe emphasis.  Also, I have my teaching license that states I am a Level 1 teacher.

In some ways I can't believe I've made it.  I don't have anymore classes to take (at least until I want to get my Masters).  I don't have anymore homework assignments except for what I assign to others.

This year I will be working at South Hills Middle School in Herriman.  I will be teaching 7-9 graders in an ID Cluster Unit (Intellectual Disabilities).  I will  be commuting again this year.  But, I am thankful that I have a job this year.  It seemed like several school districts have been making budget cuts through lay offs, job consolidation and furlough days.

I am also excited about making a full-time teacher salary.  I know, I know, teachers don't get paid much.  But working for 12 years as an aide and 1 year as an intern it is still an increase for me (like, double what I've made in the past).

I am looking forward to using the increase in funds to fix this old house, sell it, and buy a new house.  Maybe get a new (to me) car that gets better gas mileage.  Also, start saving for my kids' missions and college funds.

Big plans, I've got big plans.