Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Just a few Christmas Traditions

Over the years I have incorporated the Christmas traditions of my family from my childhood into my own family.

One is we open gifts one person at a time.  This way we can ooh and ahh over what others received for gifts.  I delight in watching the faces of others when I got them a gift that is oh so special.

Another is that my husband and I give each other an ornament.  I always give him a car ornament and he gets me a bear ornament.  We always have a live tree.  We just don't have the storage space to keep a fake one.

A new one just started about 2 or 3 years ago.  I'm always trying to find something special to make for Christmas breakfast and Christmas dinner.  So a few years ago I made Cornish game hens.  It must have left an impression on my son Cooper because the next year he asked, "Are you going to make those little chickens for Christmas?"  Again this year I was asked the same questions, so that is a new tradition.

Growing up my mother would hang up the cards we got in the mail over the archway between the living room and dining room.  I too hang up cards around the archway between the living room and family room.

I love setting out knick-knacks for the holidays.  I make little vignettes.  I have a Santa section, and Christmas tree section, a Snowman section, Christmas bear section, and a couple of Nativities.  My mother-in-law often gets the kids a book as a gift and I am able to pair these holiday books with the corresponding vignettes.

I'm not really sure which traditions my husband had in his family that we know incorporate, I think I dominate the traditions.  I should ask if there is anything he would like us to start or stop doing.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I'm a good driver, really I am...

I have been visiting my in-laws for Thanksgiving in Newcastle, WY.  My Cousin Ray lives about 50 miles away in Moorcroft and I went to visit him.  My parents were there for 2 days for Thanksgiving, I wanted to touch base and give them Zac for the return trip back through Utah then Nevada.

During the trip as I get to Osage there is lots of snow and wind.  It was like driving through a mini-blizzard and it was like that through Upton too.  It all cleared up as I got to Moorcroft.  We visited and about 2 1/2 hours later I left for the return trip, alone.

Once I hit Upton the snow and wind started, though the wind wasn't as strong as before.  It was snowy all the way to Osage, visibility was low and I was driving about 40mph on the highway.  The snow stopped once I passed Osage so I thought it would be smooth sailing the rest of the way.

The road was slushy and icy.  All of a sudden I start to fishtail.  I counter-steer but couldn't seem to straighten out, then a big spin and I end up on the shoulder on the other side of the road.  Stuck.  Couldn't get out.  A car pulled up along side of me and asked if I was OK and needed help.  He said he had a tow rope and 4-wheel drive so he may be able to get me out.

He had Indiana plates and I commented that he was a fellow Hoosier.  He was from the Bloomington area, I explained I was from the South Bend area.  Well, he got the rope hooked up and slowly we made our way out of the ditch/shoulder.  Woohoo!  I told him thanks and that he was my savior.

So I get to Newcastle, call my parents to tell them that I made it safely.  Then I drive up the dirt road to the lane where my in-laws live.  At the bottom of the hill I wonder if I can make it up because I wasn't sure how icy the dirt road was, but I didn't have cell service there and I should have called the house when I was were the dirt road met the highway.  Also, I had to pee really bad and decided to drive up the hill.

I didn't even get halfway up when I hit a slick spot and lost momentum.  I tried and tried.  I decided that I should just back down the hill and either try again or drive out to the highway and make a call.  The minivan slips and slides as I back down the hill.  I end up veering into the side of the hill, I'm glad I didn't go off the other side of the road and down the hill.

I get out to walk part way up the hill to Larry & DeeDee's place (I still had to pee so I make a pit stop).  DeeDee drives me up to Jim & Mary's place.  Jim gets his pick up truck with the plow on the front.  He plows the road as he goes down the hill, picks up Larry and they both go off to work on my minivan.  With a tow rope, lots of slipping and luck they were able to back the van down and park at the bottom of the hill.

So while I had the 2 mishaps on my drive home, I am thankful for the prayer of safety we had as a family before I left Ray's house.  You might think that the prayer didn't work, but it did.  I am thankful that I wasn't injured, crashed the car, hurt somebody or something. I am also thankful that there was somebody to help me out so that I didn't have to spend the night out in the cold on the side of the road.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Featurette: Johnny's Blog

So my friend Johnny has been a friend of my family for a long time.  I've known him for as long as I've known my husband.  I think Johnny is a great artist.  I would call his style whimsical, modern, futuristic, fantasy and caricature.  I know one of his artist influences is James C. Christensen.  In the past Johnny has done some graphic arts with video games, with such companies as Morpheus and Avalanche.

Artwork by John-Lehi Jensen

Johnny has made cards for us.

Artwork by John-Lehi Jensen

Artwork by John-Lehi Jensen
Artwork by John-Lehi Jensen
We asked him to do drawings for our business.

Artwork by John-Lehi Jensen
He's just so talented.  You can check out some of his other artwork and artist influences at his blog:

I recently made one of his 3D paper dolls, it was pretty cool (you can find it on his blog).  His more recent work that he shows on his blog I think belongs in a Tim Burton movie.  Do you hear that Tim Burton?!  You need to hire Johnny as one of your animators!

Anyway, check him out.  He's new to the blogosphere, he could use some subscribers.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Roof

Our roof has been bad for a few years now.  It leaks, it's rotting.  The swamp cooler has leaked.  Some shingles had blown off during a windstorm or micro-burst.  The final straw was when 2 trees at the side of our house fell and landed on the roof.

So a few weeks ago we were at Sears and they were having a home improvement special.  We signed on to get a new roof.

A big dumpster was dropped off, and after the project it was filled to the brim.

Sears had to replace almost half of the sheeting for the roof it was so bad.  The front half of the house had 3 layers of shingles, the back had 4.  After it rained, because of so many layers of shingles the roof was not able to dry out and it just rotted.  On day 2 one of their guys was walking and he actually fell through.  Well he fell through all the way up to his waist.  A leg was dangling.

A couple of days later another crew sent by Sears came and repaired the ceiling.

The new roof looks great.  The swamp cooler is gone, there is a ridge venting system install, an ice guard, and Feltex Roof Wrap.

Oh, and it came with a lifetime warranty.  I'm glad that we had professionals do it (even though it was costly) because I would have felt horrible having a neighbor or family member fall through the roof.  At least this guy would have been covered by worker's comp.  

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Party 2011

This year I feel my pumpkin party was rushed.  It didn't get invites out as early as I should have.  I rushed to clean the house before the party.  We also had our roof redone that week (I will post about that next).

The menu this time included both the sweet and savory pumpkin dips, Thai pumpkin soup, sausage stuffed pumpkin, pumpkin shaped sugar cookies, pumpkin mango smoothies, and my sister brought pumpkin brownies.

Sweet Pumpkin Dip, serve with cookies, graham crackers or apple slices.

Savory Pumpkin Dip, serve with crackers or veggies.

Thai Pumpkin Soup, this had more flavor than the last pumpkin soup I tried.  I'll probably make this again.

Sausage Stuffed Pumpkin, it has Italian sausage, rice, currants, curry, and shallots.  This has been a crowd-pleaser each year.

Pumpkin Mango Smoothie, it had pumpkin, mango, yogurt, ice, and sugar.  Kyle liked this, and even Zane liked it.

This is a book I found at my public library.  It is where I got the soup and smoothie recipes.  It also has a Pumpkin BBQ sauce recipe that I want to try.  Oh, the lantern was the prize for the best pumpkin carving.

I found these cute little salt & pepper shakers when shopping with my sister and her neighbor at Rainbow Gardens Gift Shops in Odgen.

The kids carved pumpkins. Kienna and Cooper each carved a big pumpkin eating a little pumpkin.  I tried making a slingshot to launch pumpkins, but it didn't work out so well.  I have plans to modify my design.  I would love to build or buy a trebuchet for next year to chuck pumpkins.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

5 Random Things

The Challenge: Post 5 random facts about you that most people do not already know.

1.  I know how to drive a stick shift.

2.  I have never been to Disneyland or Disney world.  I'm hoping to go next summer before Zac leaves on his mission.

3.  I like to Zumba.  I'm addicted to a lot of things; chocolate, TV, reading, food in general, but I have never been addicted to exercise.  Well, then I discovered Zumba.  I'm a little obsessed with it.  I like to look up routines on Youtube, download music from Amazon, and if I had Wii I would get Zumba Wii.  I like to Zumba because it is more dance moves than just exercise moves.

4.  With as much reading as I like to do, I've never read Lord of the Rings or any of the Harry Potter books.  I have seen all three Lord of the Rings movies.  I have seen some parts of the Harry Potter movies on TV because the kids were watching it.

5.  I hate bananas.  OK, maybe most people know that about me, but there are plenty of other foods that I don't like.  I don't like broccoli, mushrooms, peas, green beens, and melons.  I have never tried nor will I try calamari or octopus.  I like ketchup but not tomatoes, I like pickles but not cucumbers, I like green olives but not black olives.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bacon Birthday Party

For Zac's 18th birthday party it was all about bacon.  As a gift we got a t-shirt with a pig on it titled Baconfreak.  I got it from  They also have bacon themed gifts and foods. I got some gummy bacon strips that were strawberry flavored.  It went well with the gummy eggs I bought at Essenhaus.

I bought Cheddar & Bacon Kraft Easy Cheese and I made a bacon cheddar dip that I got from Sam's Club.  These were great with crackers.

I made cheddar and bacon biscuits and displayed them in a bacon basket that I made.  Zac especially liked the bacon basket.  I placed a Pyrex glass bowl inverted on a plate lined with paper towels to catch the grease.  Then I wove bacon over the bowl until covered.  I placed that in the microwave for 4 minutes, checked it, 2 more minutes, checked it, then another 2 minutes.  I pulled it out and set it aside to cool and harden.  Then I placed another plate on top and turned the whole thing over, over the sink.  The bowl was easy to slide out.

The main course was grilled bacon wrapped scallops, bacon wrapped chicken, and bacon wrapped jalapeno chicken.

I also made Pull-Apart Bacon Bread.  This was really good, even Kyle liked them and he is not a fan of Ranch dressing. Here is the recipe:

12 bacon strips, cooked and diced or use 1 package of Oscar Meyer Real Bacon Bits
24 thawed Rhodes Rolls bread dough
2 Tbsp. olive or vegetable oil.
1 cup shredded mozzarella
1 envelope (1 oz.) ranch salad dressing mix

In a bowl mix together bacon bits, mozzarella, and ranch mix.  Pour oil into another bowl.  Roll bread dough in oil then in the coating.  Arrange dough in a ring about 2 layers high on a greased baking sheet or in a dutch oven.  Let rise in a warm place for 30 minutes.  Bake for 30 minutes.

The birthday cake was just a spice cake and I mixed some bacon bits into the batter.  I coated the cake with maple flavored frosting.  I made some bacon 'roses' to hold the candles.

One of his guests gave him bacon flavored toothpaste and that guest was wearing a shirt that said Bacon Strips, Bacon Strips.

The activity for the night was just Xbox video games.  All boys, munching bacon, yelling, whooping and hollering as they played.  My sister Emma and her kids were there.  We adults hung out in the kitchen told stories, gossiped and laughed.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BYU vs. Utah

So the middle school where I work is having a food drive leading up to the BYU vs. U of U football game on Saturday the 17th.  To kick of the food drive we had the cheerleaders and mascots from both teams at an assembly.  Just before they left I was able to talk them into coming in my class and taking a picture.  It was easy because my classroom is right by the front door.

They agreed and I think I became a hero or rockstar to the students in that class.  It was awesome and everyone was so nice.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Indiana Vacation

My family had a reunion in Middlebury, Indiana where I grew up.  We left Wednesday night after Zac got home from work and drove through most of the night.  We stopped in Eagle, Co. for a nap.  We took I-70 East.  This route let us see some cities we don't normally see when we go to Indiana.  We usually drive I-80.  We stopped in Kansas City, MO and ate at Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue.  I feel like since we have a BBQ concession stand that eating BBQ in Kansas City has given us some street credit.

We drove on spending the night in Independence, MO.  Sadly we did not take the time to visit some LDS historical sites (I'm saving that for our next trip out).  We did stop in St. Louis, MO and had BBQ at Bandanas. I loved the country decor of this place.  We visited the arch taking the tram to the top.

We drove on to Indiana arriving at the cabin about 2am.  There were 19 people staying there, but surprisingly we all got along fine.

Saturday morning we had breakfast at the Essenhaus.

Then we did some sightseeing in Shipshewana.  We got back to the cabin for some reunion talent show and games.  Sunday we went to church and visited Elkhart I and II wards.  My nephew was baptized that afternoon.  Then for dinner we went to an ice cream supper at my uncle Tony's.  From there I met up with 2 friends, Rachel and Jennifer, at Rachel's house.  We had a nice chat with her parents and my brother.

Monday we went swimming at Lakeside Park in Syracuse, IN.  I got sunburned.  We got some nifty pictures of my parents napping.

And Zane flashing things.

That night we had an Amish Dinner at Uncle Leo's. After dinner more family showed up and there was a comedy routine performed by Professor Schnitzel (my dad's cousin Merv or Merf as I heard him called).

Tuesday we did some more sightseeing/visiting in Middlebury/Shipshewana.  The kids got buggy rides at Cousin Susie's.

I went to Davis Mercantile, I got to chat with my cousin Heidi at her Red Wagon Toy Shop.  Eat lunch at cousin JoJo's Pretzels.

We ate so much food during this vacation.  I'm sure I've gained at least 6 lbs.

Then we went to Cedar Point where we rode some serious roller coasters.  We went on Mantis, Millennium Force, Iron Dragon, and Top Fuel Dragster to name a few.

Wednesday and Thursday we drove back along I-80 for home.  Our van started breaking down so we stopped in La Porte, IN.  The van spent a couple of hours in the shop.  It had a broken rocker arm at cylinder 6 (if that means anything to anybody).  But we got to check out a cool store, The Co-Op Shoppe and have dinner at Martin's Pizzeria where they have delicious cheese rolls.  We spent the night in Davenport, IA and Laramie, WY.  We arrived home Friday about 4pm.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Well, it's official, I have graduated college and now have a Bachelor degree.  Here I am with the Dean of the McKay School of Education of Brigham Young University.

I chose to walk with my class in April even though I needed to defer my actual graduation until June because I had to finish up two general education classes on Independent Study.

I got my diploma in the mail and Kyle said, "Well, it's official.  They can't take it away from you now."

I have earned a Bachelor of Science in Special Education with a Severe emphasis.  Also, I have my teaching license that states I am a Level 1 teacher.

In some ways I can't believe I've made it.  I don't have anymore classes to take (at least until I want to get my Masters).  I don't have anymore homework assignments except for what I assign to others.

This year I will be working at South Hills Middle School in Herriman.  I will be teaching 7-9 graders in an ID Cluster Unit (Intellectual Disabilities).  I will  be commuting again this year.  But, I am thankful that I have a job this year.  It seemed like several school districts have been making budget cuts through lay offs, job consolidation and furlough days.

I am also excited about making a full-time teacher salary.  I know, I know, teachers don't get paid much.  But working for 12 years as an aide and 1 year as an intern it is still an increase for me (like, double what I've made in the past).

I am looking forward to using the increase in funds to fix this old house, sell it, and buy a new house.  Maybe get a new (to me) car that gets better gas mileage.  Also, start saving for my kids' missions and college funds.

Big plans, I've got big plans.

Monday, June 20, 2011


I like to camp.  I like planning out the meals, making lists of what to pack, and the beautiful scenery.  Well, this past weekend another family (Mitch & Jen) and we decided that we wanted to go camping.  Of course, it being Father's Day weekend almost all campsites were full, or at least that is what it showed online.  But some campgrounds you couldn't book online, only had a phone number, and some just an address.

We decided to take our chances and drove south.  We came to the beautiful, small town of Spring City.  We drove out to the mountains to the east.  We did find an official campground (maybe we didn't drive far enough up the mountain) but we found several cut outs along the road with firepits.  We chose one and set up camp.  We were losing daylight because we had gotten a late start (which kind of made me grumpy because I hate to be late).  We had a nice dinner of hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and of course, S'mores.  Oh, and we roasted Starburst too, that is a kid favorite (but I don't know where they learned it).

For breakfast I had brought some Dutch Ovens.  I made a breakfast casserole of potatoes, onion, peppers, bacon, eggs and cheese.  I also made some Monkey Bread or Cinnamon-Pull-Aparts.  They were good except I put too many in the DO and the sugary topping burned. 

We were near a river and had the rushing water sound, it was lovely.  The only thing I didn't like is that there were no bathrooms.  We were really roughing it.  We packed out all of our trash, I even found numerous cans (beer & soda) to recycle.  Another person's trash is my treasure.

After we tore down camp we did a little sight-seeing in Spring City.  Mitch knew a family from a former ward that had moved there.  She and her husband had been renovating an old theater.  We got the grand tour of that and her house.  It was awesome.  We also stopped in at a couple of art galleries/studios.  Mitch teaches art at a Junior High.

Then we headed home.  We stopped in Mount Pleasant for some pizza for lunch, it was the best.  Oh, Mount Pleasant has a working drive-in theater.  We thought that maybe next weekend we could drive down for that, they are showing Kung Fu Panda 2.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Special Olympics in Cedar City

So I went to Cedar City this weekend for Special Olympics.  The events were softball, track & field, and soccer.  My group was Unified Soccer.  This means that the teams are a mix of students with and without special needs.  Traditional teams are athletes that all have special needs.  Bingham High had 4 soccer teams.  We play with a ratio of 2 with special needs and 3 without.  Our A team took gold, B and D teams took bronze, and C team got a fourth place ribbon in their divisions.  A couple of times our A and B teams had to play each other and once our C and D teams played one another.

We took a charter bus down to Cedar City Thursday  morning.  It seemed pointless for me to drive up to South Jordan just to get on a bus to go south.  So it was agreed that the bus would pick me up in Spanish Fork.  I told them what exit and that I would be waiting there.  Many did not believe that they would just pick me up at the exit, but there I was on the side of the road by the stop sign.

We watched some movies on the bus.  The kids had a great time talking, playing some games, listening to their mp3 players and napping.  Many of our peer tutors had graduated the day before and had stayed up all night partying.  I chatted with the bus driver a bit, his name is Tyler.  We talked about bus driving.  I told him about my dad and his bus driving & mechanic career.  He thought that was neat.  Tyler drives a school bus during the year, he also teaches 6th grade, plays the organ at the tabernacle for midday recitals, and drives charter bus part time.  I thought he is amazing.  We also had some things in common like our teaching experiences and relatives with special needs.  We also talked about our addiction to caffeine (mine Diet Pepsi and he Dr. Pepper).

Anyway, back to the Special Olympics.  Thursday was opening ceremonies.  That was hosted by Bob & Randy Harmon of the grocery chain Harmon's.  There was a local band playing and of course all our male peer tutors fell in love with the lead singer Carlie.  We all stayed in the Holiday Inn Express.  I was worried that our group would be very noisy.  They weren't too bad, but they could have been better.

Friday was competitions.  We played many preliminary games.  Some we won by forfeit because the other team did not show up on time, or they did not have enough players.  My voice was hoarse from cheering on all of our athletes.  There was also a Victory Dance that night in the parking lot.  Our kids really know how to boogie.  While there I recognized a kid.  Turns out he was a student at one of the middle schools where I had worked.  So I texted that teacher (and my friend) about him.  Of course she remembered him and had me tell him hi.  One of teams ended up playing his team the next day.  So I was cheering for both teams that game.

We all got sunburned, possibly a little heat exhaustion.  We tried to keep hydrated with water and Gatorade.  A few had minor injuries that required having a knee taped up but no one broke anything or had to go to the hospital.  That was a blessing.  We did however see the ambulance a couple of times during the weekend.  It is rumored that one person had either choked, passed out, or had a heart attack and died.

The students were amped up and tried to play some practical jokes on the other teacher, Jared.  He's a good sport, but I often feel bad for the guy since he is such a target for practical jokes.  They were going to shave parts of his hair and even shave off his eyebrows while he was sleeping.  Luckily he woke up in time and kicked them out of his room.

Saturday were the final games.  These determined the medals earned.  All of our athletes did well.  Sometimes we had two games going on at the same time.  Luckily they were in neighboring fields so we stood between the two and cheered back and forth.  It was confusing because while you were watching one team, behind you the other team scored.  Also, it made it hard to keep track of the score. 

Somehow we missed the closing ceremony that evening.  Then headed home.  We were still amped up on the bus, but I had movies we could watch and I think that settled the kids down some.  As we got close to where I needed to be dropped off I walked up to the front of the bus to be sure the driver remembered the exit.  But as I walked from the back to the front of the bus I got caught in a tickle gauntlet.  I was laughing so hard I thought I might pee my pants.  I made it to the front, Tyler our driver remembered the exit.  So then I had to make my way back to get my stuff.  Again, the tickle gauntlet, one of the aides tried to intercede by tackling students so I could make my way.  I got my stuff.  A lot of peer tutors and aides gave me hugs goodbye.  For  many of them this is the last time they will see me since I will be working at a different school next year.  It was hard not to cry. I know 2 peer tutors teared up a bit.  One peer tutor gave me a can of silly string that I could use as a weapon to make it back to the front of the bus.  Well, it wasn't a tickle gauntlet but a hugging one that time.  When I got to the front of the bus I turned and said, "Goodby Suckers!"  Then sprayed everyone with silly string.  Somehow it got taken from me and then I was sprayed.  I got it back, then got off the bus. 

Kyle was there waiting for me and had seen the craziness.  I handed the can to Tyler and told him he may need this.  Some opened the windows and yelled good bye as the bus pulled away.  I waved until they were out of sight.

It was a long, fun, crazy weekend.  I'm glad I went, it was a great last hurrah to my first year of teaching.

Monday, May 2, 2011

I Got a New Job!

Last week I interviewed at a middle school in the Jordan School District where I currently work.  I also had an interview at a charter school the following week.  I felt like I didn't do my best at the middle school interview.  I felt like I have interviewed better at other places.  I thought that I stumbled to answer a few questions, that I wasn't saying the right things because the principal rephrased at least two questions before I used the key words she was looking for.  I also felt like I said 'um' a lot.  Well, today I got a call from the principal offering me the job.  I asked how soon she needed my reply because I had an interview at another school tomorrow.  We discussed charter schools and she gave me her opinion.  She conceded to wait until the day after my interview and for me to call her that morning.  She also recommended that I talk with a few people.

So, I did.  I talked with my special ed. administrator.  She echoed many of the opinions of the principal. During our discussion, she happened to get a phone call from a district person, after they discussed their business she asked them a few questions about charter schools and relayed that info to me.  I also did a little research online and said a short prayer.  I kept thinking about all of the comments and I kept thinking of the middle school.  I decided that I would cancel my interview for the next day and call back the middle school.

That is exactly what I did.  I called the charter school and left a voice mail and also sent an email stating that I am canceling my interview for the next day because I have been offered a position elsewhere.  Then I called the principal (I got her voicemail), and told her that after considering her words, my supervisor's words and my internet search I've decided to accept her offer.  She called back saying that she was excited that I accepted her offer and she will contact the district office saying the position is filled.

So, next year I will be working in an ID cluster unit at a middle school, grades 7, 8, & 9.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

It happened again

So today another rainstorm was blowing into town.  Around 1pm the winds were really strong.  I could hear lots of debris blowing across the roof.  What I didn't know is that another of our trees fell over and I was hearing its branches brush across the roof.  Zane took some pictures and put them on facebook.  I'll add some here in a bit.  This tree also damaged some of our fence.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Tree is Gone

Well, I came home yesterday just as the stump of the tree was being loaded onto the bed of a truck. A guy in our neighborhood does tree removal and landscaping.  He had talked with Kyle about helping out.  He didn't give us a price, just said to pay him what we thought was fair.  Kyle had told him what the insurance company had allotted us for the tree removal.  It was way under what he would have charged, but he said that's OK, we're neighbors and ward family members.  We haven't paid him yet, but Kyle went and bought gift cards to Outback for all the workers involved.

We are also figuring out what we need to fix the roof and how much that will cost.  It will be a lot cheaper if we do the work ourselves.  So we need to do some pricing of supplies.

Monday, April 4, 2011


This weekend was General Conference.  We got 4 tickets to go to the Saturday Morning Session.  My sister Emma watched the two younger kids for us.  After our session we went to her place for lunch, visiting, and played some games.  There was one point where it got very overcast, the wind picked up and big forceful rain drops came.  The wind blew strongly from the south, then a moment later it blew strongly from the north.

Well, about 6:30 we get on the road to go home.  En route our neighbor calls to tell us that one of our trees blew over and landed on the house.  She didn't think that there was much damage, but wanted to let us know.  We got home about 7:30.  Zac and I took pictures of the tree and house while Kyle called our insurance agent.  The earliest a claims adjuster can come out is Tuesday.

Our Bishop stopped by to see how we were.  Several neighbors either called or stopped by.  The tree damaged the eave or soffit of the garage.  No branches broke through the roof or the windshield of the stepvan.  We are OK int he house.  I am hoping that we can get enough home owners insurance money to get a new roof.  Many shingles have come of in the windstorm.

Kyle wondered why that tree.  It was a fairly nice tree, a blue spruce.  It had a nice shape and wasn't half dead like 2-3 other trees we have.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


So I've started a new exercise program.  About every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning I go to a Zumba class that is held at my local Curves.  If you don't know what it is, here's the low down.  It uses Latin music; reggaeton, salsa, merengue, etc.  It works the arms, legs, abs, waist and butt.  There is a lot of booty shaking.  It really gets you working, sweating, burning calories and breathing hard.  Some of the moves are sexy.  Some of the moves remind me of African dancing and Polynesian dancing.  Here is a video of a Zumba class (not mine).  Most of the first timers and older ladies are like the girl in the white tank top and green shorts. 

At first you are self-conscious but you just need to think that people aren't watching you they are watching the instructor.  Though I know some people are watching me because I usually stand in the front row.  Not to brag, but, I've been going for a few months now and am familiar with the routines.  I feel like if I am in the front row, and someone can't see the instructor then maybe they can watch me as a back up.

I did have a horrible dream one night after a Zumba workout.  I dreamt that the back of my workout pants were threadbare in the butt and I didn't know it.  So that while we were working out my butt was hanging out for all to see.

Monday, January 3, 2011

The shirts of Taylor

So there is a student in one of my classes that wears these awesome shirts.  I've taken some pictures to share his shirts with you.

Ooh, I love a man with muscle!
I'm as green as the next gal.
I love how the shirt is all faded as if it was made in the 70s.
There are days that I wish this was legal to do to some people.
I like this last one and made it the wallpaper for my phone.  The only thing I don't like is that the toilet paper is on the wrong way.