Thursday, January 29, 2009

What the...?

Ok, I understand that I work with Special Ed. students. These kids are 2-3 grade levels below their grade. They have learning disabilities, behavior problems and physical problems that hinder their learning. Having said that, I am often surprised how "stupid" they are. They just say and do stuff that frustrates me and the teacher I work for. Now, I'm not saying that they are stupid because they are special ed. it's just their lack of attention, listening and following instruction skills. Here are some examples.

(names have been changed for privacy and protection)

During Guided Reading Group
Me: Janey, follow along.
Janey: I am. Wait, where are we?
I hate this. First they counter my correction by whining that they are doing whatever I say they aren't doing, then give themselves away with the follow up question.

During Silent Reading Time, or Silent Writing Time
Me: Janey, stop talking.
Janey: I'm not.
What bothers me about this is that I know their voices and can usually tell who's talking. If I can't tell, I'll watch for a bit before giving the instruction. So, I see Janey talking to her neighbor. I tell her to stop. She claims that she's not talking. I give her the look. She turns as if she is going back to the task at hand, and then begins to talk to her neighbor about mean ol'
Mrs. Phillips. So, now she's talking after being specifically told not to.

Instructions for any particular task.
I explain writing assignment. As soon as I finish explaining, Janey asks;
Janey: What do we write about?
AAaarrghhh!!!! What did I just spend the last 5 minutes doing?

I also hate that when I begin to exlpain instructions, I get barraged with questions. If they would just wait until I finish the instruction or explanation I would answer all of their questions. And they don't listen to each other's questions so I end up answering the same question about 3-5 times.

Somedays my teacher and I just look at each other, shake our heads and throw our hands up.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Caffeine Junkie Update

I still have not had any caffeinated drinks. I have had Fresca, Caffeine Free Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi. But I've had those sparingly. I think I'd like to limit soda pop to just the weekends, and try to do without on the weekdays.

For Family Home Evening this past Monday we read the articles in the December Ensign and New Era about caffeinated drinks, mostly energy drinks, and discussed our own experiences. I told the kids about my cravings and withdrawal symptoms and what that means to me. The article was very eye-opening.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Caffeine Junkie

I have become addicted to Diet Vanilla Pepsi or Coke. I can easily slurp down 4 cans or more a day. I guess I figured, "Their diet right? So I'm not taking in all that sugar and carbs."

Flashback to a few years ago; we are walking up to the store and the kids see a guy smoking outside. One of them comments that he is a bad man because he is smoking. I say that he is not bad, but has made a bad choice choosing that habit. We discuss why people would want to smoke when we know all the illness it causes. (The kids have taken DARE and health in school and are experts on health and fitness). I state that we all do things that aren't good for us. They of course reply with "uh-uh". So, I mention that they drink lots of soda pop and that is bad for you. Then I go into all the evils of soda pop.Evils: sugar rots your teeth, sugar and caffeine make you hyper, it leeches calcium from your bones, it leeches water from your cells putting you in a state of dehydration, cola stains your teeth, causes headaches, etc.

Now, fast forward to Dec. 2008 issue of the Ensign. There is an article about the amount of caffeine in soda pop, energy drinks, and comparing it to coffee and tea. It was a real eye opener to me. I already knew the aforementioned 'evils' of soda pop, but this article validated what I knew and taught me some more.

So, this past Sunday I had the last can of my Diet Vanilla Pepsi. I've referred to it as my last ceremonial can. I have not had any soda pop since. Today is Thursday and I've already had two close calls. I was at work with a caffeine withdrawal headache and craving a diet Coke. I texted my husband for moral support.

Tues. 12:30pm Naomi: I need a diet coke
12:31pm Kyle: Don't do it man.
12:33pm Naomi: But I NEED it!
no response from Kyle, he must have thought I succumbed.
1:00pm Naomi: Holding strong. Still drug free.
1:01pm Kyle: Be strong junkie!

I'd like to take this moment to say, Hi, my name is Naomi and I'm a soda junkie. (Hi, Naomi.) It's been 4 days since my last drink. I've suffered withdrawal symptoms, but with the help of Tylenol and the support of those around me, I've made it this far.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Holy cow! has it been that long since my last blog?

Dec. 6 Well, we had a nice Christmas with my folks. We were their final stop on their Cross-Country Christmas Tour. We all got nice presents, played fun games and had lots of good food to eat.

Dec. 13 Kyle and I went and bought a fresh Christmas Tree. A live one always makes the house smell so good, and it's fun trying to find just the right one. The next day, after church we decorated the tree. The whole family was not involved due to lack of interest. Kyle napped on the couch, Zac & Zane were playing video games. I had Christmas music playing while I got out the ornaments and Cooper & Chloe hung them on the tree. I just had to do some minor spacing adjustments. First I put on the lights and the garland. Next all the ornaments, then the placing of the angel on top as the finale.

Dec. 24th 11pm had to send the kids to bed so I could fill up stockings and wrap the final presents and place them under the tree.

Dec 25th. I was up around 7am. Everyone else was sleeping. I start putting breakfast together. A couple kids get up around 7:30am. My brother calls around 8-ish. He's surprised we haven't torn through the presents yet. I declare that if they aren't awake on their own by 9am, I'm getting them up. Amazingly, everyone is awake by 8:45am. As tradition we open presents from the youngest to the oldest. Everybody got some of what they wanted and more.

Between Christmas and the New Year it was stay up late, sleep in late and do nothing all day. We've just relaxed and played around.

Dec. 31st Go to my friend Shelley's house. We got there around 8pm. We ate lots of food and played board games. At seven minutes before midnight we got everyone together. The adults got their glasses of sparkling grape juice. The kids got their pots and pans to bang together outside. The kids also got out the fireworks to celebrate. Midnight came and the fireworks began. The adult couples toasted and kissed their loved ones. Another couple hours of games and we were home by 2:45am.

I'm just glad I have a weekend to recuperate and try to get back into a schedule before work and school start on Monday.

Sorry for the journal-like entry. You'd think that since I'm sitting around doing nothing I would have plenty of time to blog. But you must take into account that since I'm doing nothing I have no activities to blog about. Well, I shouldn't say I've done nothing. I've gotten four lessons of an online class knocked out this week. So, I've at least been productive.