Monday, December 24, 2012


Friday was my first flashmob. Let me explain.

My school was having a fundraiser and at ceratin dollar amounts the students got something (lunchtime activities, extra time for passing period, etc.) Well, at $10,000 they got the principal Ms. Gough to dye her hair, the male vice principal Mr. Welch to get a mohawk (that they cut on stage) and the female vice principal Ms. Wing to get a hair cut (also cut on stage) and a teacher talent show (forward to 19:00 for my number)

One teacher, Ms. Lynn, sang "Mele Kalikimaka" while four male teachers danced; Mr. Bustin, Mr. Carwin, Mr. Talley and Mr. Carlsen.  They were dressed up in grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts with coconut bras over it, and silly wigs.  They even went out into the audience and put leis on students.

Four female teachers did a dance competition with the wii; Ms. Vittetoe, Ms. Kirkman, Ms. Murdock and Ms. Nebeker.  One teacher, Ms. Neff sang "All I Want For Christmas is You" (a la Mariah Carey). At the last minute a few of us acted as back up dancers.  We had no routine, just followed each other.

Mr. Carlsen sang Taylor Swift's "We are Never Ever Getting Back Together" and many students came up on stage with him to sing.

Then as a surprise final number the flashmob.  Mr. Talley is introduced as the final number.  He goes out and dances a bit (he did a number last year showing off his dancing skills and the students go wild for it).  Then a number of us join him on stage, and we are awesome.  Then, more teachers from the audience join us.  The students go crazy.  They are all standing, many have phones out taking pictures and filming us.  Lots of cheering, screaming, and clapping.  It was such a rush.  We did Gangnam Style by Psy.  The routine we used from Cornell University.

It was a rush and I'd love to do it again.