Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Modern Day Female Job

We all have our trials and tribulations, our ups and downs. Sometimes as we go through a hardship we may think, "I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy." It is thought that the Lord won't give us more than we can bear. Though, I know that at times we feel like it is more than we can bear.

Witnessing the recent trials that a friend of mine has been subjected to, I just worry about how much she can bear. She just seems to have the worst luck some days. Just as she is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, she gets another obstacle placed in her way. I begin to think, "Is the Lord testing her faith, or is Satan out to get her? He may be out to get her since she's been trying to get her life on the right track. There has been hardship for her in finding a job, a place to live, health issues and getting to church. I also worry that she doesn't have the support she needs. She is a single mother and doesn't have extended family out here.

Kyle and I discussed her hardships. I worried that these hardships would put her into despair. That she would lose faith. But Kyle pointed out that these same hardships could also help her to turn to the Lord--to ask for help and guidance. Which in this case, he was right.

I discussed all of this with her. She said that yes, she had run through the "Why me?" and "When will this end?" and "What more can go wrong?". But she has also seen the Lord's hand in getting out of these hardships. It's true that when one door closes, another door of opportunity opens. She has been able to track down her church records. She has found a job. And as of yesterday, she was able to find a better place to live that takes pets. She also appreciates the friendship and support that my family has given to her.

I don't know if asking the 'why', 'when' and 'what' questions is murmuring, but she hasn't lost her faith. I think that she is like Job of the Bible, except that she is a female and set in the modern day.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Exciting News!

I got accepted into the Special Education Teaching Program at BYU. I will start this Fall Semester. I am so excited! I just need to finish up some General Education classes this Spring/Summer semester and I will be all set. I feel like there is an end in sight. I can start to plan on when to graduate and get a move on my career.

If I do a student teaching, which is three months without pay, I could graduate December of 2010. But if I do an internship for a whole school year, at 1/2 teachers salary (which is about what I make right now) I would graduate April 2011. It's 6 to 1, half dozen to the other.

I feel that I could handle an internship. I've been working in the classrooms for many years and know how to run a class. I'm not going to be some newbie that needs a lot of guidance. So that's what I'm leaning towards.

I just feel like if I can graduate and get a teaching position before Zac graduates high school then I will be in good shape. I think he is Class of 2012 so I should be in good shape. I'm just thinking ahead of making a better income to prepare for his mission and college and then for the kids to follow.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Why does it seem that everything has to come to fruition at once and the 'at once' is two weeks away?

By the end of the month we will find out if we are accepted as a booth at Orem Summerfest. At the end of the month or beginning of next I should find out if I am accepted into the Special Education Teaching program at BYU. I have two papers due. Cooper starts soccer practice. The minivan needs re-registering. I have pack planning meeting. I have a district staff meeting. I have yard duty at the elementary school. I need to do my visiting teaching. I know that there is something else happening by the end of the month but it has currently slipped my mind.

Some days I just feel too busy. I was talking to my Visiting Teachers just the other day about the tools that Satan uses to keep us from doing what is right. I told them that I think keeping us busy is a tool he uses.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Educational Games

So, the teacher I work with found out about a website, www.onemorelevel.com It has all sorts of games. We were checking out the puzzle and strategy games to see if they were appropriate for the classroom. There are times in transition of activities and lessons that we will let the kids have a bit of free-time while we prep. So, now I'm hooked on this game 3-D Logic.

Here's the scenario: We just finish reading groups and have about a 10 minute transition till then next group. I quickly put away and get out the stuff I need, look at the clock, and think, "Oh, I have 4 minutes to play". So I get on the computer and start my game picking up where I left off. Those 4 minutes just fly by when Mr. Hays say, "Apple Q!" (If you have a Mac you know this to mean an automatic close of whatever program you are running).

Everyone, including me says, "Aww!." I mean, I just got on! ugh! I'm just as bad as the students.

I was stuck on level 16 for three days. I finally pass it and have gotten to level 19. Mr. Hays asked me to show him what I did because he too has been stuck on level 16. I was unable to show him because I forgot what I did. And, I only passed it on my home computer, so now at school I am still stuck on level 16.

Anyway, we found lots of good games the work the brain in ways the kids may not be used to, and some games that we can use for OT (occupational therapy) because of the eye-hand coordination.

While the students think they are just getting free-time, they don't realize that even in their games we are trying to educate them.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


After the luncheon on Satuday, my parents, sister, husband and I sat around talking about the family. We discussed the upcoming reunion. We discussed the siblings and what we are up to nowadays. We talked about our quirky relatives. We talked about how as kids we fought all the time, but now as adults we get along pretty well. I don't think any of us hold grudges against one another, or at least none that I'm aware of.

My sister was telling of some things that went down at her Girls' Camp among the leaders. Just some petty little things. She's decided that she's not going to let it bother her. Sure, she could let these things hurt her, but why waste the energy and time holding a grudge?

I got to thinking if I had any grudges in my life. I think there is only one. When I was a little girl, we would go to Tennessee to visit my mom's parents. My step-grandmother had this lamp on her organ. Anytime you walked past it, the lamp would jingle due to the vibrations your feet would set off. I think my parents, my grandpa and my aunt suggested that she move it while all the kids were visiting. Nope. She insisted that that is the place for that lamp. That's where it goes, that's where it stays.

Well, one day I was helping my dad set up a film projector, we were going to watch some old family films. We were using the organ bench. Just one bump to the organ and the lamp took a tumble. Of course the lamp was on my side. I remember reaching my hands out to catch the lamp. I saw the lamp pass through my hands and crash to the floor, shattering.

Everyone came. Grandma June just started going on and on about this lamp, how it was a one of a kind, now it's broken...My mom stands there in shock. I think she didn't know who to comfort, her daughter or her step-mother. I ran off to the bathroom crying. I locked myself in. I felt really bad, but it wasn't my fault. I tried to catch the darn thing. And did anyone ask if I was ok? That was a glass lamp that had shattered. No, I do not recall anyone asking if I was ok. I kept myself locked in the bathroom for a good while. The only person able to coax me out was my Aunt Glenda.

Now, I used to call her Grandma June. But later, after this and a few other incidents, I started adding the 'step'. I guess I felt that my real grandma wouldn't treat me like she did. This has been my longest grudge.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


So after Cooper's baptism I had a luncheon at the house. It was literally a full house of family, friends and neighbors. We were eating, talking and having a good time. Kids were in and out playing. Kyle and his buddy went for a drive in the El Camino.

Then, there's a knock on the door. I assumed it was one of the kids not wanting to just barge in the house. I was wrong. It was a guy going door-to-door trying to sell magazines for his education and if he got so many points he could win a trip to the Bahamas.

Now, I should have said, "I'm sorry, I've got a house full of company, I'll pass, thanks" and shut the door. But instead I let him give his spiel for a bit, then he wanted to know if he could just use a corner of a table to fill something out. I haven't agreed to any magazines, but, I let him in. I know, dumb. This "dude" is all dressed in black, leather, and studs. (I know, the real educational type, huh?) So while he is filling out his paper, Kyle and Johnny come home. I point out to this guy that there's my husband. He looks up and asks which one. Now Kyle is of average height 5'10, but Johnny is 6'4". I wonder if this guy was getting nervous. So Kyle tells him we aren't interested. The "dude" says, "Well your wife was interested." Kyle again says No.

So the guy turns to walk out. I thought I heard him saying "sheesh" as he left. Once out the door, my friend Shelley who was sitting by the door comments, "It's probably best to be sure you are out of the house before you all the owner a douchebag."

Again, why didn't I turn this guy away the first moment I saw him? I'm pretty good about shutting down the phone solicitors. But what is it about the door-to-door people? Is it because you are seeing them face-to-face? Not just a voice on a phone? Is it because I used to do door-to-door sales and I know how hard it is?

I dunno, but what I do know is that I'm getting a "No Solicitors" sign to put by the front door.