Thursday, February 19, 2009


Cooper just turned 8 last Saturday and will be getting baptized next Saturday. Somehow I feel like, "This little kid is ready to get baptized? Does he know enough about the Gospel? Is he old enough to choose between right and wrong?" But then he goes and surprises me. Kyle and I were able to sit in on his Bishop's interview. He had very good answers and he didn't need much prodding. Then the missionaries came over to talk with Cooper. Again, very good, insightful answers. I was surprised that he knew that much. I commend his Primary teachers.

Now during both the Bishop's interview and the discussion with the missionaries they made comments about how much Cooper knew, and how impressed they were. They commented that they can tell that we have Family Home Evening, or that his mother is teaching him well. I blush and avert my eyes at these comments, because we haven't been doing well and having FHE regularly. Or scripture reading and family prayer for that matter. So, while I'm having a guilt trip, my mind also reflects on my patriarchal blessing. It makes a statement about my children being able to preach the gospel and serve Christ and that it will be through my teachings and faithfulness. Another guilt trip. I need to get on the ball.

How can my children live up to their potential spiritually if I'm not guiding, directing, teaching and preparing them?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mental-Emotional Preparedness

I am going to school to get a teaching degree to be a Special Education Teacher. One reason is that I've been an aide for 12 years and just felt it was time to get the degree to have my own class. But, my main driving force is the money. I know, I know, teachers don't get paid much, but they make twice as much as what I do now.

My oldest is 15 years old. In 3-4 years I'm looking at a son who will be going to college and a mission. I do not have the money to support him in this. So, with a degree and higher paying job I will be able to help support my child in these endeavors. I just need to graduate college before he graduates high school. So I am mentally and maybe even emotionally prepared for the mission and college thing.

BUT, my oldest turns 16 in September. YIKES! I am not mentally and emotionally prepared for driving and dating! I am not that old to have a child doing these things! Where has the time gone? Funny how I am ready for things in 3-4 years, but not this year.

Meanwhile, I have a son turning 8 years old today and will be getting baptized at the end of the month. It was just yesterday (8 years ago) that my oldest was getting baptized. I remember telling my friend Brandon at the time that I'm not old enough to have a kid getting baptized. Of course, Brandon retorts that he can't believe I have a son worthy enough to get baptized. (see, Brandon knew me in my wild days, I guess he thought my sinning ways would have rubbed off onto my children)

So, there you have it. I'm old.