Friday, August 29, 2008

Naomi Loves...

Go to Google and type in [your name] needs... this time type in [your name] loves, and see what comes up.

Naomi loves to read I do. I'll pick an author and read everything they've written.
Naomi loves to draw. Mmh, I'm not a good drawer.
Naomi loves her eyes. I love to put on make up and really like how my eyes look.
Naomi loves her baba. I don't know what this means.
Naomi loves Western Culture. It ain't no culture shock.
Naomi loves being a model and a dancer. Yeah, I got moves.
Naomi loves using phones as weapons. I have a black belt in using them like nun-chucks.
Naomi loves sex. I plead the 5th.
Naomi loves the journey aspect of sea kayaking. Right, despite the fact that I'm a poor swimmer, tire easily and get panicky in deep water.
Naomi loves "bling". Fo' shizzle
Naomi loves everything to do with writing, little businesses and marketing. Maybe a new career choice.
Naomi loves to create lists. Did they read my blog?
Naomi loves a good rivalry. C'mon! I dare you to contradict that. You think you can do better?
Naomi loves to eat anything bbq. Well, maybe not anything.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Little Known Facts

So my sister had posted Dirty Little Secrets about herself based on her friends' 100 Things About Me. So here are mine.

I hate bananas! I don't like the texture, smell or taste. It makes me gag and feel nauseous. But my mom says as a youngster I would inhale bananas. She'd peel one for me, turn to get one for my sister, and mine would be gone.

I love pickles! I hate cucumbers but I love pickles. I like sweet gherkins, baby dill, kosher dill, polish dill and hamburger dill. I'm not a big fan of bread 'n butter pickles. I love to have pickles or relish on sandwiches (burgers, peanut butter, lunch meat, etc). Yes, I said pickles and peanut butter. Once, I was eating a big kosher dill and using a spoon to eat peanut butter out of the jar. My roommates were wondering if I had anything I needed to tell them.

My favorite TV shows are the Simpson's, The Office, The Closer, Monk, Psych, Supernatural, The Soup, Cash Cab, Ice Road Truckers and I used to watch Gilmore Girls, West Wing and X-files. I do have a dirty little secret, I like trash TV. I have watched Rock of Love, Flavor of Love, I Love New York and I Love Money. But my favorite is The Girls Next Door. I am just fascinated by how low people will go in search of 'love' but really it is just lust.

I love chocolate! I crave chocolate. I am usually the first to finish the candy in my Christmas stocking, Easter basket or Halloween bag. Kyle on the other hand takes forever to eat his. I usually snitch some from him or just ask him out right, "Are you gonna eat that or what?"

I am a sap. Lately I've been very emotional. I come home from church with headaches because I've been holding in the sobs. I cry at movies and TV shows. I even cry at Hallmark and LDS commercials. I love the one with the little girl who comes into the parents' bedroom and asks her father if he would read her a story. He says that he's tired and that she should ask mommy. The little girl goes around to mom's side of the bed and asks if Daddy can read her a story. It gets me every time. I also get choked up during the Star Spangled Banner and when I hear certain songs. I think the first movie I cried at was Puff the Magic Dragon, when at the end Puff wouldn't let Jackie Paper go with him.

I love to make lists, plans and schedules. At least a week or more before a trip I am making lists of what to pack, things to do and see. I like making rosters, making shopping lists (I make mine in the order of the aisles at the grocery store), and listing ideas for projects. Even though I make lists and plan things, I don't always accomplish the goal or task that the list was made for. Like I've made lists or plans for exercise and weight loss. But...

I have CDO, which is OCD in alphabetical order, as it should be. I am anal retentive or have OCD tendencies. Every place for every thing, and every thing in its place. I like things to be in order, whether it be alphabetical, numerical, rainbow color order, genre, whatever. There must be an order or theme to things.

Give me a life situation and I can probably think of a Simpson's Episode to relate it to. (Or maybe a Seinfeld episode).

I have a song for everything. Now, I don't know the whole song, just the clip that relates. So if you told me I was crazy, I'd start singing "Crazy, crazy for feeling so lonely." Or if you said "But I want it", I would come back with Rolling Stones' "You can't always get what you want."

I am scared of spiders! Yuck! I don't like to look at them, I won't even look at pictures or touch pictures of them. I can kill them if they are small and not above my head. But in order to kill a spider I have to get on my spider killing gear, which includes flat bottomed shoes, a toilet brush and hairspray. See, the flat bottomed shoes are so you can step on it, tennis shoes have tread where a spider may hide and not get squished. The toilet brush is so you can stab the spider, then shake into the toilet and flush away. The alcohol in the hairspray suffocates the spider and the hairspray makes it so the spider can't run away from you. (easier to stab). I cannot do the tissue smash or smash with my bare hands. Ewwww! You can feel them crunch. Ugh!

I like to shock people. Whether it is something I say or do. I know that I look young and innocent. Then out of the blue I will say something so outrageous that makes you surprised. Like people I work with or have classes with are always shocked to learn that I am 35 with 4 kids with the oldest being 14! No Way! They say, I thought you were like 25. Or once I got to work early in the morning and announced to some coworkers that I got me some last night. I just like to see the surprised look.

That's all I can think of right now that I'm willing to admit.

Monday, August 18, 2008

I Gots Needs

My sister had this fun game posted on her blog. Here is how it works: Go to Google and type in "[your name] needs" and see what pops up. It should be fun to see what all the Googleheads think you "need". Lucky for me there are bunches of stuff about Naomi Campbell and Naomi Watts. Here is what "Naomi Needs"...

Naomi needs to be able to read an article and summarize the issues. (What?)
Naomi needs glasses. (I see just fine, thank you very much)
Naomi needs help. (OK, I agree with this one. But who doesn't need help?)
Naomi needs anger management lessons. (Not so much now, but when I was a teenager, sure)
Naomi needs to shut her pie hole and quit smacking people around. (I don't smack people around, just kids.)
Naomi really needs some calming influences in her life. (That's why I go to church.)
Naomi needs a good spanking. (oo-la-la, and who's gonna give it to me?)
Naomi needs therapy. (It wouldn't hurt to be psychoanalyzed.)
Naomi needs hugs. (YES!)
Naomi needs to eat. (Eating keeps my blood sugar in check so I don't get grumpy {see the above anger management}, but I do need to watch what I eat.)
Naomi needs moral support. (Yes! This is also why I go to church.)
Naomi needs a push up bra. (Yes! This is the other kind of support.)

Let me know what other needs you think I need.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


You know the old saying, "There's a somebody for everyone." It must be true. Kyle and I were in Price, UT and heading into our hotel room. We happened to look across the street and see a couple. Both were obese, and both were riding those "rascal" scooters. I thought and said, "See, there's a someone for everyone."

This got me thinking about couples I know and ones that I just see around. Sometimes, at first glance I'll think that a certain pair just don't match. You know, you find yourself wondering, "How did they ever hook up?" or "What's a goober of a guy like that doing with a girl like her?"

One guy I know had gone through a divorce and just seemed lost afterwards. Like he needed someone to tell him what to do. Then he met his wife (who I think is kind of bossy, but I still like her) and she seems to be just what he needs.

Another couple I know, she's kind of cuckoo and eccentric but great fun to be around, her husband while funny is the more stable of the two, the voice of reason. They balance each other out.

One girl I know who is all of 5' fits snuggly under her husband's arm pit, he's at least 6'6". So at first glance you might think, "they don't match" but then you get to know them and see how they do match and fit together.

Recently we hooked up with some friends who had moved to Colorado and they came for a visit. Now, Kyle and I are humorous folk, and just love to crack jokes and make others laugh. So, of course we had this couple laughing and they kept saying how they missed us, and wished we could still hang out together. Then one of them said, "You two sure do enjoy each other."

That got me thinking. I know I love Kyle, and that I'm in love with him. I miss him when he's gone and glad when he's back. I view us as a partnership with the household and our business venture. We work opposite schedules and don't get to see each other as often as other couples. We disagree on somethings and have different interests so that has the "opposites attract" thing in check. But that we 'enjoy one another' is true. We are comfortable with one another. We can be together talking or not talking and just enjoy the company. The comfort of knowing the other is there.

So to all those couples out there who may not "match" I just say, enjoy one another.