Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Forks are for eating, tridents are for ruling the Seven Seas

I've been catching up on The Big Bang Theory.  Such a quirky, funny little show.  I had seen this episode a couple of weeks ago.  Then recently, Kyle and I went out to eat for a date.  This clip came to mind.

Kyle and I went out to eat at Olive Garden, and what should I notice?  My utensil was a three-tine fork.  Excuse me, a trident not a fork.

I think it is funny that the girl in the clip mentions going out for Italian food, and an "Italian" restaurant is where I find the three-tine fork.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Today I took the family on a surprise trip to Lagoon.  Well, I had actually spilled the beans to Zac & Kyle, but the others didn't know.  We got some discount passes from a purchase at Deseret Book.  We weren't able to be there all day because Zac had work tonight.  But, we got to ride a lot of rides and have some fun.  It started to rain as we were about to leave, so I guess our timing was good.  Here are some pictures.

Kyle and the boys on the Wild Mouse
Chloe on the Merry Go Round
Cooper & Chloe on the Bumper Cars
Kyle, Naomi & Zane on the Rocket Blast-Off
Kyle on the Top Eliminator
Cooper & Zac on Thunder Track Go Karts
Chloe & Zane on Thunder Track Go Karts

After Lagoon, we ate lunch at JCW's The Burger Boys.  It was very good.  I recommend it.