Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Just a few Christmas Traditions

Over the years I have incorporated the Christmas traditions of my family from my childhood into my own family.

One is we open gifts one person at a time.  This way we can ooh and ahh over what others received for gifts.  I delight in watching the faces of others when I got them a gift that is oh so special.

Another is that my husband and I give each other an ornament.  I always give him a car ornament and he gets me a bear ornament.  We always have a live tree.  We just don't have the storage space to keep a fake one.

A new one just started about 2 or 3 years ago.  I'm always trying to find something special to make for Christmas breakfast and Christmas dinner.  So a few years ago I made Cornish game hens.  It must have left an impression on my son Cooper because the next year he asked, "Are you going to make those little chickens for Christmas?"  Again this year I was asked the same questions, so that is a new tradition.

Growing up my mother would hang up the cards we got in the mail over the archway between the living room and dining room.  I too hang up cards around the archway between the living room and family room.

I love setting out knick-knacks for the holidays.  I make little vignettes.  I have a Santa section, and Christmas tree section, a Snowman section, Christmas bear section, and a couple of Nativities.  My mother-in-law often gets the kids a book as a gift and I am able to pair these holiday books with the corresponding vignettes.

I'm not really sure which traditions my husband had in his family that we know incorporate, I think I dominate the traditions.  I should ask if there is anything he would like us to start or stop doing.